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I'm shock.. I regret of having the thought yesterday that if it is the best for them (by Koki leaving), I will accept it & it's ok with me. Hello, of course it is not ok! It's Koki!! You LOVE Koki, nana-chan... arghhhhh... I mean, he's the once who said ずっとHYPHENいってくれる?じゃあ俺がもうずっとKAT-TUNでいる。(will you guys always be Hyphens? then we’ll always be KAT-TUN). If I can't trust him, I don't think I can trust anyone else ever again.. He never shows the attitude of not caring about KAT-TUN anymore.. I have never see this coming, not in a million years! Unlike Jin, he really shows that he's unhappy and I was shouting 'Just leave already' to him so many times! No, Koki was not like that.. that's why this is so shocking.. and now even Wikipedia has already updated Koki as former member... sigh.. well, I'm going to cry myself to sleep now.. To my darling Kazuya, Yuichi, Tat-chan & Junno.. ganbarre! You guys have my prayers with you.. wishing you all the best in the world.. gosh never did I imagine I'll be making this kind of post again.. and to Koki, you better watch out.. if I ever meet you in Japan (or anywhere else), I'll knock your head real hard!! XDD


Ma-chan, I love you!!

Can't wait for tomorrow ^_^


Are you wondering why there's 1 mag without Kazuya/KAT-TUN on the cover? Well, Kazuya is in it and it's that issue, people! (if you know what I mean =P)

p/s: Ma-chan, aku curik gambo ko buat post hehehe


Please let me be alive until 16th May

OMG this could kill me T_____T

sho vs kazuya



I dreamt about him last night.. not sure why I have to feel uneasy about this since this morning >_<


Sho vs Kazuya

A stranger said this to me.. "Oh since you like Kame, and he's kakkoi.. so you must love Sho-kun from Arashi".. I was like.. What the?? haha I've never think anybody would guess that.. what's the similarity between the 2 of them? and eventhough it is true, my fav from Arashi now is Sho-kun, I always thought the most similar one to Kazuya would be Matsujun (since I was madly in love with him years ago)... and Kazuya darling, people do think that you're kakkoi (^_^)


Good Luck :)

To all who's taking the JLPT exam today.. Minna, ganbatte kudasai \(^_^)/


Never x Over

Can I just stay in bed all day watching this? Y_Y



I love them so very much >_<



YES YES!! Finally Kame will be in Shabekuri 007.. have been waiting for this for so long.. yatta \(^_^)/


How are you, my dear Kazuya?

I've been away from home for two weeks and didn't have any access to the internet.. I didn't manage to get any info on Kazuya/KAT-TUN as I was busy focusing on something else.. but there's 1 time I cried like crazy because I did miss Kazuya really bad and it made me realised no matter how hard I tried to forget about him, he's always there in my heart... I hope he's doing fine, must be very busy with Dreamboys rehersal.. and also new single is coming out... Ganbarre my love, I'll always support you and KAT-TUN :)